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Today I would like to introduce to you one of the most exciting sites, which I got to know during the last few months.
It’s called and as the domain already describes, it’s about “audio” especially about so called stock music and royalty free songs.

What is stock or royalty free music who needs it?

If you are a video or movie maker, a director, a photographer, a homepage designer or a backpacker who just came back from a great journey through the Caribbean countries: Royalty free stock music could be the thing your were looking for because it allows you to create your YouTube or Vimeo Videos including music and release it on the internet which, of course, is not allowed with conventional music which you buy on iTunes and other stores.
On you can buy two different license types which allow you the following things:

  1. Single usage
  2. Reselling your item including music (for more information about license type click this link).
Listen to stock music on

If you are looking for great royalty free music for your projects, just have a look at If you would like to listen to Kenaudio’s stock music portofolio on just click on this link:


Thanks for reading and listening!

I hope you find my blogpost interesting and I am looking forward to reading your comments!