How to find Royalty Free Music for Youtube

I suppose you love filming as a hobby or as a professional and maybe you asked yourself at least a few times where to get royalty free music for YouTube videos or for other sites where you can publish your self made video - otherwise you wouldn't land on my site and look for this kind of content. But to let you know in advance: In this article you will ...

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How to Market Music on

Part 2 of  Article Series "Selling Music on" Today I'd like to write about how to market music on This post is Part 2 of an article series about "Selling Music on" and I hope that you find it helpful. Please leave your comments below and send me some feedback about your experience concerning marketing your music online. I am sure that you will contribute useful ...

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Selling Music on – Part 1

Signup Process on For freelance music producers, audio engineers and musicians with recording skills selling music on is a great way to earn some extra money or even to make a living from creating stock music, jingles, loops and other audio files. Since April 2012 I am a member on and I'd like to share my experience with you which I made during my first ...

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Wireless Lavalier Mics for video & movie makers

Lav Mics - What's hot and new on the market: Hi everybody! A few days ago I received an email from video maker Andre who I got to know in one of those forums about video and movie making. I offered my help for people there who need some advice concerning audio recordings. The great thing about Andre's question is that he not just introduced a great recording device to ...

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Children’s Delight – Happy, bouncy stock music song

Hi there! Thanks a lot for joining me here on again. Today I would like to introduce a new stock music song to you guys and I hope that you like it as much as I do. "Children's Delight" is the name of the track. Listen to Children's Delight here   The idea of Children's Delight Sometimes it's pretty hard to find ideas for new songs or to ...

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Best Stock Music On The Web – Movie & Video Makers watch this!

Royalty Free Songs for Video Projects Today I would like to introduce to you one of the most exciting sites, which I got to know during the last few months. It's called and as the domain already describes, it's about "audio" especially about so called stock music and royalty free songs. What is stock or royalty free music who needs it? If you are a video or movie ...

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Clarinet Intro Melody available on Audiojungle

Hi there! Another day and good, fantastic, overwhelming news again from Kenaudio's headquarter:-). Here is a new song for you: A clarinet based song for your youtube video, photo or other media project. This time the song package includes two versions of the track. One full version including instruments like classic clarinet playing the main hookline and a strong fender stratocaster electric guitar rhythm. The second version of the ...

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Chillout Music Pack

Great Ambient & Chillout Music for Wellness and Relaxation in 1 Pack Today is a good day! I just got up from a very relaxing good-night-sleep, switched on my computer and noticed on my Audiojungle profile that my 1st music pack has been released. Last week, I just thought about my own favourite chillout, lounge & electronic songs which I had uploaded to Audiojungle before and now I just put my ...

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Western Showdown Music – Grab your Shootout Song

Stock Music for Western Shootouts and Duel Movie Scenes Today I would like to present another song which belongs to the cinematic genre. The song's name is simple: Western Showdown - Press "Play" to listen: (more…)

4th sale on

Release of new track "Marimba Man" Today is a great day! A new royalty free track which I uploaded a few days ago to my Audiojungle profile has been released today and it has already (!!!) been sold for the first time - Fantastic! The track is called "Marimba Man" and you can listen to it on or just click "play" in the following music player: (more…)