Part 2 of  Article Series “Selling Music on”

Today I’d like to write about how to market music on This post is Part 2 of an article series about “Selling Music on” and I hope that you find it helpful. Please leave your comments below and send me some feedback about your experience concerning marketing your music online. I am sure that you will contribute useful ideas to this article series.

Marketing idea 1:  Social Media Marketing

I know it seems obvious but some people forget about this marketing aspect. Signup on Soundcloud, Facebook, YouTube and other social media sites and build appealing profiles and fanpages to build your fanbase.
On Soundcloud you can join the Audiojungle User Group and share your watermarked songs with other group members and video makers who are looking for outstanding songs.
On YouTube you can upload your videos containing your music and build a great video profile. The same can be done on Some people, like Tim McMorris have great success with outstanding videos on YouTube.

Marketing idea 2: Create a WordPress Blog

Create a WordPress Blog and establish a great website with information about your music business. Write posts about your music, how you came to certain ideas, how you produced a song, where, when and so on. Fans and customers will follow. But keep in mind that this is a long term marketing tool and not a sprint tactic.

Marketing idea 3: Building an Email List

Building an email list an sending out newsletters is a marketing tool which almost every company uses to send out special offers, exlusive and useful content, free downloads and products and so on. I think this is also a fantastic way for you and me – for audiojungle authors in general – to keep in touch with fans. Of course you need a website first where you can collect readers for your newsletter.
Useful tools for building a mailing list can be found on for example.
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Marketing idea 4: Mp3 Flash Player

The easiest way to embed your own Audiojungle songs on your homepage is by using an MP3 Flash Player. A very well coded one which has been programmed for Audiojungle items can be found here:

I embedded the Mp3 Flash Player several times on Music for Videos ( and my readers tell me that they find it pretty useful. The great thing about this player is that there is a “Buy-Button” right beside the songs name. If there is a visitor who like the song then he or she is able to direct purchase the item.

Marketing idea 5: Help Others

To help others on and on the other Envato marketplaces is a great way to show authors who you are, what you can do, what’s your expertise and last but not least to show others how nice and supporting you are. So, if you are visiting the Audiojungle forums and find a thread where you can add something valuable then do it. Be friendly, honest and a gentlewoman- or man!
Great and valuable contributions to the community will lead others to your profile and they will probably buy your items!

Marketing idea 6: Free Podcast

Have you ever thought about using a free podcast as a promotional tool? Well, you should think about it because it is absolutely free and you can publish your free podcast on several sites like iTunes. Remember: iTunes is the biggest store for digital downloads and this leads to potential customers who listen to your podcast, like it and buying your stuff on If you wanna know how my free podcast looks like on iTunes just click the following iTunes button:

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More Marketing Ideas will follow

In Part 3 of my article series about Selling Music on I will talk about more marketing ideas which lead to more sales of your items. In the meantime I’d like to know what you do to market your music. Let me know what works and what doesn’t work.
I am looking forward to reading your comments!