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Earn Money on Audiojungle.netFor freelance music producers, audio engineers and musicians with recording skills selling music on is a great way to earn some extra money or even to make a living from creating stock music, jingles, loops and other audio files.
Since April 2012 I am a member on and I’d like to share my experience with you which I made during my first months in this big creative community. Today I’d like to start with Part 1 of an article series about being an author on and today’s topic is how to sign up as an audio producer.

How to start on

Audiojungle is only one of 9 marketplaces. Beside Audiojungle you can sell and purchase your media on the following Envato marketplaces:

  1. Activeden (Flash & Unity 3D)
  2. Audiojungle (Stock Music & Audio)
  3. Themeforest (Website Templates)
  4. Videohive (Motion Graphics)
  5. Graphicriver (Graphics, Vectors & Print)
  6. 3Docean (3D Models & Materials)
  7. Codecanyon (Code, Plugins & Mobile)
  8. Tutorials (Tutorials & Screencasts)
  9. Photodune (Stock Photography)

If you have other talents beside music production you should definitely think about applying for other marketplaces also.

1. First visit on

When you visit you see that there are about 70.000 Audio-Files ready to be downloaded, followed by “Weekly Features”, “New Items”, featured authors and so on.

Nearly 70.000 Audiofiles on

You can browse music by keywords, popular files and the like.

2. Signup as an audio producer

If you are about to sell your own audio files, songs and music on you have to signup first. Choose a username and fill out the requested fields.

3. Author’s Quiz

After signup you will be asked to pass the author’s quiz. The questions are easy to answer but I recommend to read the authoring tutorial first so that it is more likely that you pass it as soon as possible. You’ll be asked questions concerning sound quality, legal stuff and the like. After you passed it successfully it will be a lot easier for you to submit audio files which will be approved by the audiojungle team members.

4. Earning Money & Marketing

After the signup and quiz you can start to upload your own audio-files. It will take between 4 to 6 days until they will be approved or disapproves by the staff members. So be patient and keep on producing new songs while waiting for the approval.
When your files are finally online you should think about how to market and promote them to others. I will talk about some ideas how to promote your songs and items in “Part 2” of this article series.

5. Thanks for reading

I hope you like what I have written and I am looking forward to reading your comments!
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