Great Ambient & Chillout Music for Wellness and Relaxation in 1 Pack

Today is a good day!
I just got up from a very relaxing good-night-sleep, switched on my computer and noticed on my Audiojungle profile that my 1st music pack has been released. Last week, I just thought about my own favourite chillout, lounge & electronic songs which I had uploaded to Audiojungle before and now I just put my Top 8 chillout songs into one royalty free music collection of finest, fresh and summer feeling like songs for you to be downloaded!

Listen to Kenaudio’s first Chillout & Lounge Music Pack


The following songs are included

1. Sweet Moody Mood (Length 2:22)

2. Sunny Waterdrops (Length 1:39)

3. Smooth Ambient Chill (Length 1:02)

4. Reggae Sunny Day (Length 1:49)

5. Orchestral Chillout (Length 1:18)

6. Love ’80s (Length 2:18)

7. Digital Stoneage (Length 1:46)

8. Aggressive Ambiance Chill (Length 1:36)

Music Pack Length: 13 minutes, 49 seconds

Grab Your Copy On:


Thanks for listening!

Thanks a lot for listening to my music on Stock Music!
I hope you enjoy listening to my first royalty free music pack ever. Let me know what you think about this collection and send me a comment here.

Thanks a lot at see you soon!