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Music for Video and Movies from KenAudio.comThanks a lot for joining me here on Kenaudio.com!

On this site you find music, songs, loops, jingles – all royalty free, affordable, handmade with passion and love during days and long nights but available on the internet 24/7 :-).

I am trying really hard to make Kenaudio.com an informative place for both video- and film makers, podcasters and also for musicians. I hope that you’ll find here what you were looking for when searching the internet.

If you can’t find your particular background music for video and movies or anything suitable for your projects or what you were looking for, please email me info(at)kenaudio(dot)com or leave a comment under one of my blogposts.

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Screenshot of Audiojungle Audio PlayerTo find my songs, simply take a look at the right site of this page and choose a track from the audio player and press play.
Here you can see a screenshot of the audio player which you can find on almost every site on Kenaudio.com.

You can also visit my Music Portofolio and browse my music for video there.
For a complete list of my songs, jingles and loops you can also have a look at my author’s profile on Audiojungle.net.

Do you distribute your videos as an author on Videohive.net?
Just let me know about your projects and I’d be happy to corporate with you!

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